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"I love the concept and mission behind this journal and think that smart companies will soon recognize this type of self-reflection for their employees as invaluable for their professional fulfillment (which = productivity)."

Talia Tinao
Co-Founder of HD Premier

"When I first opened the MUA Journal and started using it, I was surprised to see how simple the idea and execution was – almost too simple to be useful, I thought. I quickly realized how useful the practice of self-inventory, of time/resource spending and self-reflection of thought was. Business is built on relationships. Knowing thyself is mission-critical in getting to know others and building those relationships. MUA is a mirror that clearly reflects what's important to you and how you feel about the things you choose to do day by day."

Jason Drass
Co-Founder of Bull & Beard

"MUA is a very pragmatic, well-structured way to implement mindfulness. It allows me to practice paying attention to an emotion I feel in a given moment at any time, in any place, and in any situation; it keeps me awake and present and supports the development of a mindful decision-making process. When using MUA in leadership programs, I found that the more diligent MUA users reported an increased alertness and empathy, they felt more resilient in stressful situations, and they were much more aware of their "joy" moments."

Dr. Kai Haack
Founder of Spirit of Coaching Group

"I never truly understood how many things bothered me during my workday until I tracked my first 2 weeks with MUA. Now I make sure I spend more time on things I love doing. MUA has allowed me to become more conscious of my everyday tasks."

Jorden Leeds
Co-Founder SOFI Paper Straws


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