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Our Commitment
To Sustainability

We were committed from the get-go to create a product with "zero" plastic. Even in the shipping process, we use a "wrapper" that is 100% recyclable and is made of 100% post-consumer waste. The MUA Journal is also made from 100% post-consumer waste. You're probably wondering, "what's post-consumer waste?" It's a type of waste that's produced by the end consumer of a material stream. Basically, the material completed its life-cycle as a consumer item and can now be recycled and reused. We take that waste and transform it into the MUA Journal!

Sustainable By Design
100% Post-Consumer Recycled Waste
100% FSC® Certified Sourcing
Processed Chlorine Free
100% Carbon-Neutral Production
100% Renewable Energy
Recyclable and Circular
100% Transparent Supply Chain
100% Made in the USA
We like to be transparent about our sustainability efforts. Check out the USA source map to see where the journals go throughout their creation. We hope seeing their journey will inspire you to begin yours.