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USA & Canada
Howdy! We ship to all 50 states, including to U.S. territories and Canada from our U.S. warehouse. For shipping outside U.S. and Canada, please contact the MUA Happiness Team via chat, email or phone.

We offer free standard shipment (USPS Media Mail) for all orders $55+. For any order less than $55, our flat rate shipping fee is $6.95. Express options are
available at check out.

We offset all carbon emission caused by each shipment.

We fulfill orders between Monday and Friday, within 24 to 72 hours. At MUA, we work with family-owned businesses, not streamlined factories. So, sometimes processing orders takes a little longer, but you support great businesses. So thank you!

USA & Canada
All standard shipments or free shipping options will use USPS Media Mail. Your package will arrive between 3-12 business days. If you choose our UPS and UPS express shipment, your package will arrive between 1-3 business days, or faster.

After we fulfill your order, we will email you with tracking information for more details.

You can return your order up to 14 days after placing it. Only orders that are still wrapped into our second layer paper wrap will be accepted as returns. We cover the return costs for all paid shipping services, but not for free shipping deliveries. To return your package, email us at and our Happiness Team will help you out.

If your order is not yet fulfilled, you can cancel your order by contacting our Happiness Team via chat, email or phone +1-650-563-8590 (09 am to 5 pm PST)


Most of us want to find a state of happiness in life. It's not a revolutionary idea. So, why does it seem that our realities, many times, differ so greatly from what we aim for? _____There is a gap between our intentions and our actions that we aren't always aware of. The autopilot. This program overwrites the course we have defined without our knowledge, and we find ourselves ending up at the exact spot where we started. No progress made, or even worse off. But we believe we have a choice.

Using MUA, you'll learn to identify these "gaps" and to become aware of them. The starting point for real change! Our patented system makes it easy for you to start without previous practice or knowledge. You sharpen your mindfulness and improve your self-awareness, build emotional intelligence and strengthen your decision-making towards "happiness"

The exercise and guides throughout the pages make sure you stay on track and win the improvement you deserve in your life and professional environment.

• Exercises and self-assessments

• 28 days of MUAs patented Activity and To-Do tracking

• Space for daily notes and journaling

• 7-Day recap and reflection for better improvement and accountability

• Progress Chart, to visualize the progress of happiness

• Free space for great ideas

• Fun, happiness and more performance

It is 9" x 6" (153 mm x 229 mm), rounded corners, 120 pages, and is flexible so it fits into your life seamlessly!

• 9 x 6 inches, rounded corners

• Lays flat, flexible handling and easy to carry (not bulky)

• Cover made of 270 g/m2 page

• 120 pages, 5.2 pt, 104 g/m2

• Chlorine-free

• Vegetable-based ink


Each of the products is crafted with the highest standards and supports local businesses.

• 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Waste

• 100% FSC® Certified Sourcing*

• Processed Chlorine Free

• 100% Carbon-Neutral Production

• 100% Renewable Energy

• Recyclable and Circular

• 100% Transparent Supply Chain

• 100% Made in the USA

It basically means: we've opened our books for you. See it for yourself!

USA Source Map:

Post-consumer waste is a type of waste that's produced by the end consumer of a material stream. Basically, the material completed its life-cycle as a consumer item and can now be recycled and reused. We take that waste and transform it into the MUA Journal. We are 100% transparent about the process of our product from start to finish.

Absolutely, the MUA Journal is 100% recyclable. There are no tabs, fabric dividers, lamination, or foreign materials that could keep it from being recycled. All we ask is when you're done with your journal and want to recycle it, just separate the cover from the pages when you do so. Be sure to check in with your local recycling facility and their recycling plan first. Who knows, that journal may one day end up back in your hands.


Absolutely! MUA nurtures “happiness” for individuals and companies to build better cultures, mental health and overall performance. We highly recommend using our MUA Journal as a team or for entire companies. We can help set up the process and to make sure you gain the most impact possible.

Contact our Happiness Team for more details at or call/text +1-650-563-8590.

Support, Yes! - Coaching, No!

We help you with processing templates, set-ups and inspirational check-ins throughout your team's MUA journey. The MUA Session(s) is our one-month program we developed for teams to really get behind the benefits of mindfulness in a professional setting. Just reach out to our Happiness Team via email or call/text +1-650-563-8590.

But we don't offer team/business coaching or consultation. However, we are collaborating with coaches and consultant using MUA today. We are currently building a database or platform to connect with coaches/consultants. Meanwhile, reach out to our Happiness Team, and we will do our best to connect you.

Yes, reach out to our Happiness Team at or call/text +1-650-563-8590.