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Our Journey To
Choosing Happiness

Most of us want to find a state of happiness in life. It's not a revolutionary idea. So, why does it seem that our realities, many times, differ so greatly from what we aim for? _____There is a gap between our intentions and our actions that we aren't always aware of. The autopilot. This program overwrites the course we have defined without our knowledge, and we find ourselves ending up at the exact spot where we started. No progress made, or even worse off. But we believe we have a choice.It all started with a dream - a world inhabited by people, doing what they love and sharing their love with others.

It all started with a dream - a world inhabited by people, doing what they love and sharing their love with others.

MUA, - Me, Us, All – is a design and technology company building products that help identify the gap between our intentions and our daily actions, by exercising self-awareness and mindfulness. Our patented system is build-based on three simple symbols that allow individuals, teams or entire companies to design better culture, increase performance and happiness, standing out as a responsible company. Easy to use, yet, so impactful.

The Journey Starts Now!

The pathway to
happiness starts
with understanding


The Team

Founder & CEO
"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”
"Our startup set an audacious goal, and we strive to empower everyone to find a way to choose happiness."
Brand and Product Manager
"It's incredible to be a part of something that's so innovative and people-focused. We practice what we preach and that's what makes this so exciting."
Brand and Account Manager, Europe
"To create a product that is equally good for people and the environment is something wonderful. It's just great to be with MUA from the start."


Our Partnerships

Our products share what we truly believe: we are in business to make things better, not worse. So instead of patching over, we do our best to lead by action.

Aloha In Action
Aloha in Action, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit organization that enables the teachings of Aloha, Love, Peace and One Ohana / One World by Lei'ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao.